So certain amount of growth is needed in the whole body to be sensitive enough to help each other, to be wise enough to help each other, to be resourceful enough in us to really nourish another one. And that development has to come again through collectivity; is most surprising it is.

(Shri Mataji - What You Can Do, Caxton Hall, London, November 26th, 1982)



Website of Sahasrara workshops- meditation meetings with splitting into breakout rooms

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Saturday 15th June, 2 p.m. Cabella (CEST) time

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How it works and our experiences

1st step: Collective Meditation with full attention on the Sahasrara. It is just extraordinary meditating with brothers and sisters from all over the world as one, forgetting and dissolving all our limited identifications.

2nd step: Splitting into "breakout rooms" (function of Zoom - an automatic random creating of the groups) - groups of around 4-5 people. The yogis in the groups have about 20 minutes to do whatever they wish or find the best way to use this time. There is complete freedom and spontaneity. All are equally responsible for the way the groups work and its result - to treat, to help, and to support each other. Also to put the collective attention on whatever they find important, whilst remaining in a state of meditation.

With previous meditations, yogis in the group simply put their attention inside and say what catches they feel, and then the group supports the particular chakra or nadi with vibrations, through collective attention or with mantras. Other times yogis just work on each other, one by one, like in the traditional way (there is no need for the yogi who is worked on to turn their back, but also this is sometimes done). Or the group remains completely silent, sometimes giving bandhans to countries they are from or putting attention on any topic they find important.

3rd step: All return back from the breakout rooms and keep attention in Sahasrara. The original idea was just to stay together in silent meditation, but it naturally developed in a slightly different matter. Somehow the 2nd step usually spontaneously creates a feeling of oneness, unity and this feeling remains also in this 3rd step when we are all together - and usually, most of the groups (not necessarily all) wish to share something they came to during the 2nd step: it may be a nice experience of something deeper, but very often it is the desire to put once more collective attention on something they put attention in the breakout room before: bandhans are being sent and mantras sang to support a quality, to help a situation in the society and the like.

How it began

The idea came very spontaneously in February 2021, during quite a difficult time in Czechia with a series of strict lockdowns whereby yogis could not meet each other and many people (non-yogis, but also yogis) were having real difficulties.

The sudden spontaneous idea was very clear: the world is in great trouble. Shri Mataji has clearly said, that it is us, Sahaja yogis, who are on the stage to help this world. We have been gifted with powers by Our Divine Mother, but we have not been yet able to fully evolve. Hence we decided that we must help each other, nourish each other, with all our faith, creativity, vibrations and love.

Something more from the history

We have enjoyed the regular weekly meditation meetings of this type very much. Then, with the Sahasrara Puja weekend in May 2021, the idea came that a similar type of meditation workshop could be offered to the Sahaja international collectivity: The first international Sahasrara workshop of this type was on Saturday, the 8th of May 2021, on 10 a.m. during the Sahasrara Puja weekend. About 150 yogis attended, and many of them enjoyed it very much and asked to make this type of workshop regular. - So we promised - and since then, there have been many more international workshops of this type, usually about once a month on Saturdays or Sundays and at different times of the day so that yogis from all different corners of the world can join in a convenient time of the day.

Now - Invitation

Now we wish to spread this beautiful nourishing experience to more yogis.

Please join us - and enJOY with us.

...and please spread the news with your Sahaj friends, to all Sahaja groups e.g., WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc etc.


In case of any questions or suggestions please contact sahadza.meditace@gmail.com.

We pray that we fulfill Her vision...

... and become a loving unity at Her Holy Lotus Feet

Jai Shri Mataji